Saturday, March 3, 2018

RoS External by KkK1337

Rules Survival RoS External by KkK1337 Mod Cheat Download

- Ashesh for Source Code
- kingerott15 for Health Bar
-I will upload more images about this hack but i will be very thankful if someone download hack and make video for this hack just show proof that is working and no virus
-If someone want to suggest me what to be added in this hack the best option is PM
-If someone want to help me about Chams,FullBright Map,No Grass,ESP Box,WallHack feel free to send me code you will be credited in next version of hack i hope this will change GUI and get own GUI

F1 For Menu

Player ESP
-Health Bar
Other ESP
-Supply Box
-Normal Item ESP
-Golden Item ESP (You will look only for good loot like 8x Scope, 3 LVL Armor,3 LVL Helmet & many more)
-Item Distance

-Aimbot FOV
-Aimbot Distance
-Aimbot on Key/Press in this hack is Left ALT
-Smart Aim
-Scope added if Aimbot = true
-Show FOV

Teleport Hack:
-Teleport to near player (200m to 300m best result)

New Features:
-No Grass
-Health Bar

Removed Features:
No Clip:
-No Clip
-No Clip Speed (F4 Increase No Clip Speed & F5 Decrease No Clip Speed)

-When someone is dead and still exist in ESP you will still be teleported into him so to avoid this if you kill someone or someone died don't teleport to him if he is near

Why Copy Paste?
Yes this is look like Ashesh Hack and have same function Nuke deleted & Teleport Added but what is problem?
I see Ashesh type he is moving in another game hack section and DKing will stop uploading his Pandora hack updates because of some seller i don't wanna get deep in this i just want to say yes this is source code by Ashesh, GUI is same like ROS MultiHack v101 i yesterday downloaded source code so my time do this i will try to add Chams,ESP Box,WallHack,No Grass and many more features this is for now i update some Offsets so i can say pretty sure is undetected in 1.134042.137552 Version i used Teleport Hack 3-4 rounds no banned played with this hack more than 10 games today

[Created Hack]

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6) equalHack [CS 1.6 - VERY OLD HACK]
7) Norm1 [CS 1.6 - VERY OLD HACK]
8) DropHack v1 [CS 1.6 - VERY OLD HACK]
9) Division 1.6.2 [Minecraft- VERY OLD HACK]

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