Tuesday, February 27, 2018

[ 02-26-18 ]-Colorful MOD Rank in CF North America by DannyMODS

Proof :

Tools for RF147 : http://activeterium.com/T7U
VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c...58065c693ecd8e81ea05431adf8a7d7554a/detection 

Modded Colorful MOD Rank in CFNA : http://activeterium.com/X66
VirusTotal :

Video Tutorial [ How it Works ] Same lang ang Procedure sa [Red Marshall MOD Rank] :

These Tutorial is 100% Working and Fully Undetected, After Maintenance, Need mo lang sya i-Update /gassum Same lang sa nasa Video /baba

Credits : For All Modders Here in RAML /gassum and Especially All Coders /gassum

PS : Don't Forget to Hit "THANKS" If your MOD Rank is Working /gewd2 And Don't be a Leecher